ofxAddons is directory of extensions and libraries for the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit. Compiled fresh from Github daily.


Counts the number of people walking in or out of an entrace over time. Each count is timestamped. This is a proof of concept
Maintained by osiloke
Last updated 02/ 5/15
Categories: Computer Vision
A layout management framework for managing multiple drawable classes in openframeworks. It allows you to easily place any drawable class into a layout, like Row, Column, Overlay etc.
Maintained by osiloke
Last updated 12/ 9/15
Categories: GUI
An addon for listening to changes to a variable globally. You can track changes to int, string, bool etc This way you can automatically respond to changes dynamically. It is based on experiences from using python kivy's. It is not a port of kivy's property class but my own implementation of the idea behind that.
Maintained by osiloke
Last updated 10/ 3/14
Categories: Utilities